The keyword behind the design of any Hi-Fi cable Ricable is: neutrality. The series Invictus, Dedalus, Magnus and Primus aim to give back to the listener the same sensations that the artist he wanted to imprint on his work at the time of its creation.

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Ricable Custom RNH – 4-piece Kit Ultimate RCA Connectors Soldered 7 mm

AED 119 inc. vat

Ricable Supreme Banana Plug Connector Kit (4 pieces)

AED 199 inc. vat

Ricable Dedalus AES/EBU High End Digital Audio Cable 110 Ohm XLR – 1m

AED 899 AED 719 inc. vat

Ricable Custom RCA Terminated Signal Cable (Single Cable)

AED 69AED 519 inc. vat

Custom MG4 – Kit 4 pcs. Rubber Y-holes for speaker cable termination (D1 19mm – D2 6mm)

AED 89 inc. vat

Ricable Custom RNH – 4-piece Kit Hi-End RCA Solder Connectors 10 mm

AED 199 inc. vat

Ricable High-End Banana Plug Connector Kit (4 pieces)

AED 159 inc. vat

Ricable Power USP – Hi-Fi Schuko + IEC Power Connector Kit

AED 299 inc. vat

Ricable U40 Speaker Cable – (10m Roll)

AED 390 inc. vat

Ricable MAGNUS MKII Speaker Cable (pair)

AED 1,039AED 1,199 inc. vat

Ricable U40 Custom Speaker Cable (single cable)

AED 40AED 1,088 inc. vat

Ricable DEDALUS Elite Speaker Cable Pair – 3m

AED 3,199 AED 2,559 inc. vat

Ricable DEDALUS BRIDGE Elite Jumpers for HiFi Speakers – 4pcs Set

AED 399 AED 319 inc. vat

Ricable INVICTUS XLR Stereo Balanced Hi-Fi Cable with Noise Reduction

AED 1,999AED 2,399 inc. vat

Ricable INVICTUS USB 2.0 A/B Digital Audio Cable – 1.5m

AED 1,399 AED 1,119 inc. vat

Ricable INVICTUS Signal RCA Cable

AED 1,599AED 2,159 inc. vat

Ricable MAGNUS AES/EBU Hi-End Audio Digital XLR – 1m

AED 549 AED 439 inc. vat

HiFi Package: cocktailAudio X35 / ATC SCM-11 Bookshelf Speakers

AED 14,779 AED 13,900 inc. vat

HiFi Package: Hegel H95 Integrated Amp / ELAC Solano BS283 Bookshelf Speakers

AED 15,279 AED 12,223 inc. vat

Ricable MAGNUS USB Cable – USB 2.0 A/B Digital Hi-End Audio Cable

AED 319AED 359 inc. vat

Ricable DEDALUS Speaker Cable MK2

AED 1,359AED 2,079 inc. vat

Ricable INVICTUS Reference Speaker Cable Pair

AED 3,999AED 4,799 inc. vat

Ricable PRIMUS Subwoofer Cable

AED 399AED 479 inc. vat

Ricable INVICTUS Turntable Cable – VT2 (2m)

AED 2,499 AED 1,999 inc. vat