ELAC has earned its reputation—from the beginning—through advanced technology, uncompromising build quality, outstanding European design, and sound that is second to none. And now, a whole new range of affordable speakers and electronics brings ELAC quality within reach of dedicated music lovers on a budget.

ELAC offers a complete range of speakers and bold new electronics that bring music to life like never before. Every product Elac creates delivers stunning performance, exquisite craftsmanship, and unequaled value. All with unmistakable ELAC style that will be welcome in your home.

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HiFi Package: Technics SU-G700 Amplifier / ELAC VELA FS407 Speakers / Technics SL-1500C Turntable

AED 34,597 AED 30,500 inc. vat

HiFi Package: NAD C338 DAC Amplifier / ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Speakers / Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

AED 10,293 AED 9,190 inc. vat

HiFi Package: NAD C3050 LE Amplifier / ELAC VELA BS403 Speakers / Thorens TD 403 DD Turntable

AED 24,586 AED 22,099 inc. vat

HiFi Package: NAD C700 Streaming Amplifier / ELAC Solano BS283 Bookshelf Speakers

AED 13,238 AED 11,890 inc. vat

ELAC Element EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier

AED 1,499 inc. vat

ELAC VELA FS408 Floor-standing speakers – (Pair)

AED 18,990 inc. vat

ELAC VELA FS409 Floor-standing speakers (Pair) – Walnut High Gloss

AED 23,990 inc. vat

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Satin Black with Walnut Sides, Pair)

AED 3,490 inc. vat

ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 Powered Speakers

AED 2,099 inc. vat

ELAC IC1005 In-Ceiling Speaker

AED 599 inc. vat

ELAC VELA CC401 Centre Speaker

AED 6,950 AED 5,212 inc. vat

ELAC Discovery Connect (High-Res Roon Endpoint)

AED 1,990 inc. vat

ELAC Debut 2.0 C5.2 Center Speaker (Black)

AED 1,199 AED 899 inc. vat

ELAC Debut Reference DBR62 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

AED 2,199 inc. vat

ELAC CONCENTRO S503 Bookshelf Speaker

AED 27,990 inc. vat

ELAC Debut Reference DCR52 Center Speaker (Walnut)

AED 1,699 AED 1,274 inc. vat

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3030 1000 Watt Powered Subwoofer (Black)

AED 3,499 AED 2,624 inc. vat

ELAC Concentro S 509 Floorstanding Speakers – (Pair)

AED 69,000 inc. vat

HiFi Package: Hegel H95 Integrated Amp / ELAC Solano BS283 Bookshelf Speakers

AED 15,279 AED 12,223 inc. vat

ELAC Solano CC281 Centre Speaker – High Gloss Black

AED 3,790 AED 2,842 inc. vat

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UCR52 Center Speaker (Satin Black with Walnut Sides)

AED 2,199 AED 1,649 inc. vat

ELAC Solano FS287 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) – High Gloss Black

AED 11,990 inc. vat

ELAC Navis ARF51 – Powered Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

AED 16,990 AED 12,740 inc. vat

Elac cinema 10.2 Home Theatre Speakers Package

AED 3,490 AED 1,750 inc. vat