EISA HIFI Awards: A Celebratory Sweep for Our Brands!

Good news comes in waves, and today we’re riding the high tide! We’re thrilled to announce that several of the brands we represent at Raw Music Store have emerged triumphant at the latest EISA HIFI Awards. This honor stands as a testament to the uncompromising quality, design, and performance of the products we proudly offer to our discerning clientele.

Here are this year’s champions:

MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 8 Speakers

Although MoFi Electronics is a relative newcomer to the loudspeaker market, the accomplished performance of its SourcePoint 8 speaks of great experience. The retro-infused styling of this standmount model belies the fact it’s a thoroughly modern design, employing the latest coaxial driver technology from noted engineer Andrew Jones, carefully modelled to deliver a smoothly integrated, full-range performance.

MEZE Audio 109 PRO Headphones

For a company well-known for its luxurious and award-winning isodynamic headphones, the 109 PRO is something of a departure for Meze, being an open-back design with 50mm dynamic drivers. Yet its performance proves the manufacturer’s adaptability: with its alluring combination of expansive, detailed soundstaging and tight, controlled bass, the 109 PRO is a superior headphone suited to all types of music.

NAD C 3050 Integrated Amplifier

From the outside the C 3050 pays homage to NAD’s earliest designs with its faithfully executed vintage styling, but in all other respects this is thoroughly modern integrated amp with a do-it-all ethos. Power, rated at 2x100W, comes via Class D amplification, and connectivity includes HDMI eARC, a dedicated MM phono input and more.

HEGEL H600 High-end Streaming Amplifier

Benefiting from an upgraded digital stage built around a new DAC chip and network board, Hegel’s H600 is a worthy successor to the spectacular H590 streaming amplifier. The company’s bespoke SoundEngine 2 error-canceling technology is on hand to deliver a sound with abundant detail and control, aided by a comprehensively redesigned preamp stage that guarantees an organic, honest, and compelling performance.

HEGEL Viking High-End CD Player

This player from the Norwegian marque takes an unapologetically purist approach, focused on extracting every last drop of performance from your CD collection. To that end, Hegel has engineered a high-quality AKM-based DAC stage and fully balanced analogue output, each fed by separate power supplies, while its proprietary SoundEngine technology also works to suppress digital jitter.

THORENS TD 204 Turntable

A bridge between Thorens’ entry-level turntables and its high-end models, this well-priced deck is aimed at vinyl enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one solution, but with the potential to be upgraded.

BLUESOUND POWERNODE EDGE Compact Streaming Amplifier

Thanks to its impressively sleek, wall-mountable chassis, the POWERNODE EDGE can be installed practically anywhere – and the compact form factor is complemented by wide-ranging functionality.


The WANDLA is another home run from Poland’s Ferrum Audio. Nicknamed ‘The Convertor’, this innovative DAC/preamp goes the extra mile thanks to its combination of an ESS Sabre DAC chip, custom DSP and bespoke analogue electronics. Performance is superb, with music of any genre faithfully rendered and packed with detail, while Dynamic Digital Filtering, which incorporates filters from specialist software house Signalyst, provides options to finesse the listening experience.